Inflatable Mattress Car Back Seat Air Bed Extend Cushion Dedicated for SUV

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1. Wave design, the use of wave-type density compression design,
    play a better fixed role, so that the air will not scatter in order to ensure a solid and durable gap.
2. Independent air chamber, on both sides of the armrest according to the width of the body,
    excelent inflatable, independent of each plate chamber, tire position can be folded.
3. Folding design, easy to inflatable flip, more flexible adjustment to adapt to space.
4. Flocking bed, composite breathable flocking bed, thicker fabric, build quality of life.
5. Independent gas nozzle, 5 independent gas nozzle, super double seal design, tightly closed, more airtight.
6. Super bearing capacity,the overall load-bearing capacity of up to 300kg, load-bearing.

Inflatable Bed
Name Car Inflatable Mattress
Model ZD-416
Folding Size 30 x 25 x 12cm
Expand the size 180cm(L) x 128cm(W)
Headstock thickness 12cm
Tailstock thickness 6cm
Material Composite Flocking Breathable Bed
Suitable for SUV-Specific
Air pump
Model ZQ-608
Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic
Color Black
Sizes About 9cm(D) x 9.5cm(H)
Voltage DC 12V
Current 5A
Power 60W
Air Pressure 1PSI

Package Included:
1 X Inflatable Bed
1 X Air Pump