48V 2.5A Lead-acid Battery Electric Car Charger Electric Scooter Plug

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The three section is intelligent, constant current, constant voltage, float, three stage charging
Adopt high frequency switching power supply and smart chip technology.
The intelligent control: timely tracking state of charge, adjust the charging parameters to ensure 100% full power.
To prolong the service life of battery: the effective removal of cell polarization control, battery temperature, reduce water loss.
Balanced charging: voltage balancing of battery, the voltage of each battery is consistent.
Saving: low standby power, meet energy efficiency standards.
The short / over current / voltage / temperature / reverse / overcharge / under charging / fault protection
Name: Charge
Model: 509198
Material: ABS flame retardant
Input Voltage: 90-220V
Output: 48V
Charge Current: 2.5A
Size: 166x90x60mm
Package Included:
1x Adaptor with plug(According to your country distribution adapter)