200W Soldering Iron Heavy Duty Chisel Point 200 Watt Craft Tools AC 220V

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Specification :

Material: Iron
Chisel Point tip: Copper
handle: Wooden
Input voltage: AC 220V
Power: 200W
Temperature range: 450-600℃
Soldering iron Length: 29cm
Chisel Point tip: 15mm
Cable length: 120cm
Uses: Electronic maintenance production
Net weight: about 0.339Kg
Instructions for use:
1. Before using the soldering iron, check whether the voltage matches.
2. Soldering iron should be kept dry, is strictly prohibited in the wet use.
3. The new soldering iron in the initial use, due to electric heating elements may be produce heat a little smoke, as a normal phenomenon, will soon disappear.
4. Fever after a few times to remove the tip, remove the oxide layer, avoid long time oxide layer blockage couldn't take out the welding head.
5. Do not replace the parts under power.
6. In order to improve the life of the tip, please use environmentally friendly, low acid, halogen-excelent flux products.
7. When the tin does not stick, using fine sand skin polishing welding Tsui, and then infiltrated by flux on the tin; when no tin, the tip control about 250 temperature in the best.
8. The use of voltage 220V ± 10% AC, in the use of soldering iron before, should distinguish between power and grounding wire whether connect right.
Package includeds :

1 x 200W Soldering iron heavy duty chisel (Send an adapter according to your country~)
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