Honana WX-8368 4Pcs Solid Color Bedding Sets Duvet Cover Sets Bed Linen Include Bed Sheet Pillowcase

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4Pcs Solid Color Bedding set Duvet Cover Sets Bed Linen Bed Sets Include Bed Sheet Pillowcase

High quality craftsmanship– Our product is crafted in luxurious 100% microfiber Polyester fabric, and zipper across the bottom. It is perfect for any room in your home bedroom, guest room or a kid’s room!
Comfortable & Durable – The ultra-plush design provides you with unprecedented comfort. You’ll sleep like a baby! Plus, our brushed microfiber construction is stronger and more durable than cotton. It is sophisticated, stylish, and will keep you comfortable all night long.
Easy care & Maintenance – Our design is machine washable! It is also hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, which makes it perfect for people who are prone to allergies or asthma!
Super soft and comfortable, cheap and environmental protection,good warmth retention property , innovative design, modelling is lovely, practical, color, style can decorate more.
Great zipper stealth design, not hurt the skin, will not affect the unity of the whole aesthetic feeling, quilt cover is full of lock technology, prevent the washing become chaos.
Size: 1.2 Size, 1.5 Size, 1.8Size, 2.0 Size

1.2 Size:   150*200cm/59.05" * 78.74"     160*230cm/62.99" * 90.55"    48*74cm/18.89" * 29.13" (Quilt Cover, Bed Sheet, Pillowcase)
1.5 Size:   150*200cm/59.05" * 78.74"     230*230cm/90.55" * 90.55"    48*74cm/18.89" * 29.13" (Quilt Cover, Bed Sheet, Pillowcase)
1.8 Size:   180*220cm/70.86" * 86.61"     230*230cm/90.55" * 90.55"    48*74cm/18.89" * 29.13" (Quilt Cover, Bed Sheet, Pillowcase)
2.0 Size:   200*230cm/78.74" * 90.55"     230*230cm/90.55" * 90.55"    48*74cm/18.89" * 29.13" (Quilt Cover, Bed Sheet, Pillowcase)
Material:  Polyester
Product Includes: 1 x Quilt Cover, 1 x Bed Sheet, 2 x Pillow Case
Color: Dark Blue Gray, Sapphire Gray, Silver Gray Beige, Purple Jade, Rose Blue, Coffee Gold

Package Included:
1 x 4Pcs Bedding Set
Washing Cares:
1. in order to prevent the dyeing, please avoid washing with other dark fabric
2. choose neutral detergent, soaking time shall not exceed 30 minutes
3. washing machine program please select soft washing
4. avoid exposure,please choose dry in the shade
5. avoid rough or acidic, alkaline substances
6. should be washed ironing, dry, fold before the collection
7. store in dry place, avoid to be affected with damp and be affected with damp mildewy
8. place a mat when ironing, to avoid the aurora
9. details please refer to product care label