FF12 FK12 Ball Screw End Supports for Ball Screw SFU1605

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FF12 FK12 Ball Screw End Supports for Ball Screw SFU1605 CNC Parts


Color: Black
Material: Metal
Ball screw support base fixed end 4.2x3.5cm/1.7*1.4 inch
Ball screw support base support end 4x1cm/1.6*0.4 inch


- Surface electrophoresis process, not paint, durable than paint;
- Import CNC drilling, mounting holes, screw holes without deviation;
- Bearing inner ring using wire cutting technology, no rough, with high accuracy and to ensure the bearing.

- The fixed side to the screw.
- The fixed-side insert, tighten the lock nut with a pad and hex fixing bolt to secure it.
- Support side bearing snap ring fixed to the screw shaft and load support side support base.
- Do not disassemble the support unit.
-The screw shaft inserted into the support unit, do not pay attention to the oil seal flange ball turn.
- When using the hex bolt fixed clamping pad, to prevent the relaxation place hex retaining bolts tightened after applying the adhesive.
-When used under severe conditions, we must also take measures to prevent other parts sonsie.

Package Included:

1 X FF12 Ball Screw End Support
1 X FK12 Ball Screw End Support

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