AC 110V-220V To DC 24V 5V 120W 10A 240W 15A 350W Switch Power Supply Adapter

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1. AC 110-220v to DC 24V adapter
2. High-purity aluminum shell, cooling effect, safe and durable.
3. Small size, can adapt to the interior decoration hidden way in accordance with the (light slot power) to fill the
conventional LED power supply in the application of the gap.

Material Aluminum
Color Silver
Input voltage 110-220V
Output power 24W/75W
Output current 2A/3A
Size As shown
Installation Steps:
1. Power input port for the L and N, access to domestic 220V voltage, regardless of positive and negative.
2. Power output port-V and + V, respectively, connected to the lamp with the positive and negative lights with a red line for the cathode,
black line is negative.
3. The light is on normally after power is applied.

Package Included:
1 X Adapter