20-100W LED Aluminium Heat Sink Cooling Fan Reflector Bracket 44mm Lens Set

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Fan voltage:DC12V
Beam angle of Len:20°
Focal Length: 30mm
Size of Fan:80*80*25mm
Size of Len:44*19mm
Size of heat sink:76*80*40mm

Fan with de-vibration cover,both heat sink and silent;
Heat pipes with HDT technology,powerful performance to meet the elite enthusiasts;
Fin hinged design on both sides prevents air leak effectively, and heat more evenly;
Design for larger heat dissipation area,improve the overall thermal performance,also the style is unique and nice;
There are two groups of black wires and red wires. one black wire represents negative electrode and one red wire represents positive electrode. the other blue wire have no use.
Application:cooling; avoid LED overheat, fit High Power LED 20W-100W flood light, etc.

Package Included:  
1*heat sink
1*DC12V fan
1*44MM Len
Some screw for fixed lens and led chip