CS Direct Live Tactical Field Protective Tactical Mask of Granular Material

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 1. ABS engineering plastics, strong shock resistance, safe and reliable.
 2. Green environmental protection low carbon steel net,Granular material impact protection, can be properly to protect the user's eyes.
 3. Ribbon can be adjusted according to the head size
 Dimensions(cm): 19 * 22 * 23 (cm)
 Model Number: Sport mask training
 Color: black/Green/Mud color
 Net Weight(kg): 260 g
 Style: head-mounted
 Function: Granular material impact protection
 Material: ABS engineering plastics, environmental protection low carbon steel
 The thickness of the: 2.3 cm
 Shading degree: Can shading 
 Product use: Paintball gun game/Outdoor cycling/The tactical game/ CSThe game/Air gun game/Survival game
Impact resistant index: this product by ANSI Z80.3 falling ball test, under - 10-42 (c) the temperature, the impact resistance at least 700 FPS
Package Included:
1*Tactical Mask