Multifunctional Earphone Jack Touch Screen Purse Phone Wallet for Phone Under 4.7-inch

Regular price R 165.14

1. Multifunctional, it could not only be a phone bag, but also be a wallet. 
2. Touch screen, made by high sensitive materials, you could use your phone while placing in the bag.
3. Large capacity, it could contain your phone, headsets, money, lipstick, or etc at the same time.
4. Earphone jack design, you could enjoy music freely, and you could answer the phone directly when it is in the bag.

  Compatible with   Universal for phone under 4.7-inch
  Color   Pink, Grey, Blue, Yellow
  Materials   Nylon
  Dimension   17cm*10cm (6.69"x 3.93")

1x Multifunctional Phone Wallet for Phone under 4.7-inch