Creative Eiffel USB PIR Motion Sensor Touch Sleep Night Light Table Lamp

Regular price R 441.09

Material: ABS
Shell Color: White
Light Color: White / Yellow / RGB
Voltage:  5V
Rated Power:  0.9W
SwitchType: Touch type
1.Using touch-button function:touch the power button in the  panel,night light is on.
2.Sleeping help:with intelligent timing function to help sleep.When start timing function,it will automatically off after 10 minutes,you can sleep relaxed and easily with the soft light, not to worry sleepless anymore.
3.Colorful type: 7 color system to be choose,press the represent switch long time,it change for segment color in this color more than 100 kinds color,build romantic atmosphere.
4.Dimmable:combine the function of full dimming and step dimming,choose any brightness level freely as you like.
5.Emergency use when power failure:in the condition USB plug connect,when power failure,it will lights up automatically,will not in darkness even no power.
6.Convenient to carry:designed with silica gel handle.can bring to anywhere at any time, decide by yourself for your light.
7.Attractive appearance:classic and fashion shape as tower,suitable for any scenes.
Package Includes:
1 x Night light
1 x USB line