Machifit 400W 12000rpm ER11 Chuck CNC Brushless Spindle Motor with Driver Speed Controller and Clamp

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400W 12000rpm ER11 Chuck CNC Brushless Spindle Motor with Driver Speed Controller and Clamp for Engraving

Brushless motor parameters  
Color black and silver
Working voltage 48V DC
Power 400W
Speed 12000 r/min
Distance 0.45 (N.m)
Insulation resistance > 2 ohms
Insulation dielectric strength 400V
Diameter 55 mm
Axis collet length 43mm
Diameter of Axis collect holder 16mm
Repeat accuracy 0.01-0.03mm
ER11 collect 3.175mm
Spindle net weight 1.1 KG
Brushless DC speed driver controller parameters  
Model WS55-180
Color Black
Rated voltage 20-50VDC
Rated current 8A
Limited current 10A
Maximum speed Over 20000RPM
Speed control 1.Regulation resistance,
2.External voltage:10VDC
Alarm output: AL signal This port and the ground have a 5V alarm output output
Power light Green LED (the led is on once power on)
Operation condition light Red LED (The led flash one times continuas when the device is suspended)
Insulation resistance >100MΩ at normal temperature and pressure
Insulation strength 0.5KV, 1 minute at normal temperature and pressure
Storage temperature -20℃- +65℃
Storage humidity 0-95%RH
Working temperature 0-45℃
Working humidity < 80%,No frost, frost free
Working Vibrating 5.9m/S² MAX
Dimension 96x68x36mm
Weight Approx. 195g
Spindle fixture  (Higher precision, low deformation rate, smooth inner wall)
Material Cast aluminum
Color Silver
Bore diameter 55mm
Total Size 90x40x65mm
Brushless motor
1. B rushless, low interference, in addition to the brushless motor brush, the most immediate change is no brush spark generated when the motor running, thus greatly
reduce the electric spark interference of remote radio equipment.
2. Low noise, smooth operation, brushless motor without brush, less friction force during operation, smooth operation, low noise will be many.
3. Long life and low maintenance costs, less brush, brushless motor wear is mainly on the bearing, from the mechanical point of view, brushless motor is almost a free maintenance of the motor.
Speed driver controller
Speed/Current alike close loop technology, smooth rotation.
Pure hardware design, high-speed, high noise immunity.
F/R(forward / reverse control) Rotation, soft shift function.
Over current, short circuit protection (red LED indicator).
Package Included:
1 x Spindle motor with with ER11 3.175 collet
1 x WS55-180 Speed driver controller (With potentiometer and switch)
1 x Spindle fixture (Includes 4 fixing screws)
1 x English manual
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