Outdoor Sport Cycling Screen Touch Front Frame Pouch Phone Bag Holder for iPhone Xiaomi Samsung Non-original

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Optional Color: Orange, black, blue, red.
Material: Nylon
Product Weight: about 137g
Product Size: 18*9.5*8.5cm
Screen Size: L9*W17.5cm
Compatible with: all smartphone in 5.7-inch or less.
1. waterproof material, can be used in rain.
2. flexible touch screen, it is convenient to navigate when ride a bycicle.
3. enouge space for carry things like smartphone, money, card, tissue, flashlight and so on.
4. it is easy to install and remove.
5. dual zippers design. It is more easy to open.
Package Included:
1 x universal front frame bag for 5.7-inch or less smartphone
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