20W 30W 50W 30mil Full Spectrum LED Grow Chip DIY for Indoor Plant DC12-14V

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Power :20W 30W 50W
Voltage: DC12-14V
Color ratio:full spectrum 380nm-840nm
Color temperature: 380-840nm
Most cost-effective ,closest to sun light grow LED chip. 
Full spectrum suitable for all kinds of plants in different stages . 
What is Full spectrum led chip ?
It is the newest trend for indoor plants. Advanced LED grow lights chip , not provide single color ,provide broad spectrum 400nm~840nm , similar with sun light ,but most is red and blue ,it is best for plant grow .This is a revolutionary step for LED grow lights which have previously been unable to act as the sole light source for the indoor garden. Suitable for all stages of plant growth.
Package included:
1* Grow Chip