E27 E14 B22 4W 5W 6W SMD 7030 Pure White Warm White LED Corn Light Lamp Bulb AC110V

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*Ultra-bright led corn lamp.
*Safe and efficient. Best energy saving, low heat and lower power consumption.
*Great reducing carbon emission, environmentally friendly.
*Solid state, shockproof. Durable heat-resistant glass.
*No vu and ir radiation. No lead, mercury and other pollution elements.
*Suitable for home use, office, store, restaurant, exhibition, halls, museum hotel.
Model : Led corn bulb
Connector : E27 / E14 / B22
Wattage: 4W/ 5W/6W
Voltage: AC110V
Color : pure white / warm white
Color temperature: 2800-3300k(warm white) / 6000-7500k(pure white)
Led quantity: 15/22/28
Light source : smd7030
Lumens: 110-120lm
Material: plastic
Beam angle: 360°
4w: 31*80mm(E14) /77mm(E27) /76mm(B22) 
5W: 31*99mm (E14)/96mm(E27) /95mm(B22)
6W: 31*104mm(E14) /101mm(E27) /100mm(B22)
Package Included :
1 x 5W/6W/7W E27/E14/B22  LED Corn Bulb