DANIU SMT SMD PCB Solder Paste Adhesive Glue Liquid Dispenser

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Description : 
SMT SMD PCB Solder Paste Adhesive Glue Liquid Dispenser+Dispensing Needle (50pcs)

Specification : 
Blunt end tip 14GA-30GA, totally 50pcs.
Brand new and high quality.
It is an important part of the dispenser selection process.
It is the final point of exit and plays an important role in controlling the deposit.
Selection should be carefully considered in relation to material and type of deposit required.
Note : 
1.Non-sterile and it is not for medical use.
2.For industrial use only.
Package Includes : 
3 x Graduated Syringe With Plunger (Paste Adhesive&Glue Liquid Not Included)
50 x Blunt End Tip

Tips specifications :
Part No       Description              ID        OD       Color  Length(inch)  Qty
BL14050   14GA Blunt End Tip   1.55    2.1       Olive       0.5            5pcs
BL15050   15GA Blunt End Tip   1.36    1.8       Amber    0.5            5pcs
BL18050   18GA Blunt End Tip   0.84    1.27     Green    0.5           5pcs
BL20050   20GA Blunt End Tip   0.6      0.92     Pink        0.5           5pcs
BL21050   21GA Blunt End Tip   0.51    0.82     Purple    0.5           5pcs
BL22050   22GA Blunt End Tip   0.41    0.72     Blue        0.5           5pcs
BL23050   23GA Blunt End Tip   0.34    0.64     Orange   0.5           5pcs
BL25050   25GA Blunt End Tip   0.26    0.52     Red         0.5           5pcs
BL27050   27GA Blunt End Tip   0.21    0.42     Clear       0.5           5pcs
BL30050   30GA Blunt End Tip   0.16    0.31     Lavender 0.5          5pcs
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