5pcs 3D Printer 42 Stepper Motor Drive Expansion Board 8825 / A4988

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1. On-board DIP switch, you can easily adjust the drive segments
2. Terminal power connector for easy connection drive power
3. Compatible with 12 / 24V drive scheme
4. Suitable for 42 stepper motor drive, 3D printers and DIY

Size: 42 x 42 x 15mm
Fixed: 3mm
Pitch: 1400 x 1400mil (35.56 x 35.56mm)
Logic voltage: 5V
Input voltage: 12-30V
Ports: Digital
Interface: Direction, enable, speed
Applicable modul: A4988, DRV8825

Note: Please note the direction when installing the drive module, otherwise it will burn module
Package includes:
5 x 42 Stepper Motor Drive Expansion Board