Original Hiland DIY 0-30V 0-1A LM317 Adjustable Voltage Current Power Supply Kit

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Brand: Hiland
Output Voltage: 0-30V Adjustable
Output Current: 0-1A Adjustable
Input voltage: 24V AC Or DC
PCB size: 6.0 * 6.6CM
Weight: 47g
This is a simple, easy-to-manufacture regulated power supply with current limit adjustment that limits the output current to a range of 0-1A
and provides an LED indication over the set output current. Just follow the PCB marked to solder it will be OK, without any debugging.
LM317 heat sink connect with PIN2, need to pay attention to the insulation between heat sink and circuit. Transformer can use greater than 30W power, the output voltage is 24V AC (or 2 * 12V, the center is idle). You can also use DC input.
Adjust the V-adj, the output voltage can be continuously adjusted between 0-30V; Adjust A-adj, can be set the maximum output current in 0-1A range. When the output current exceeds the set current, LED lights, at this time adjust the V-adj, the voltage will not continue to increase, to maintain the set current unchanged, to ensure that the access to the circuit will not be damaged.
In the continuous output of the larger current, please note that the temperature of 1N4007 and LM317 will be higher,
if you need a long time high current output, it is recommended to replace 1N4007 as 1N5408, and do the
heat dissipation for LM317 to ensure safety.
Package included:
1 x DIY 0-30V 0-1A LM317 Adjustable Voltage Current Power Supply Kit(Without Heatsink)