AD9833 DDS Signal Generator Module 0-12.5MHz Square / Triangle / Sine Wave

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AD9833 is a programmable waveform generator capable of generating a frequency 0-12.5MHZ sine, triangle, square wave signal. Waveform generator is widely used in a variety of measurement, excitation and time domain response field, output frequency and phase are programmable via software, easy to adjust, clocked clock is 25MHz, precision 0.1Hz, clock frequency is 1MHz, the precision You can reach 0.004Hz. Via three serial interfaces to write data.


Frequency excitation / waveform generation. Liquid, gas flow measurement.
Sensing applications - approximation, sports, defect detection.
Linear loss, linear decay.
Test equipment, medical equipment
Scan clock generator


1, the working voltage: 2.3V-5.5V.
2, the working temperature range: -40 ~ + 105 ℃ prefix = o
3, onboard 25MHZ (accuracy of 50ppm) active crystal, stepping accuracy 0.1HZ.
4, on-board high-speed amplifiers 300M and also has a low-pass filtering.
5, two-channel output signal, an original signal output, an amplified output signal 5 times, 50Ohm output impedance.
6, very small size: 32mm X 32mm.
7, support universal plate (tunnel plate), a multiple-board pins are 2.54mm, can be easily welded universal board.
8, distribution STM32, STM8, STC and other common microcontroller debugged program and relevant information.

Package included:

1 x AD9833 DDS Signal Generator Module