ZHIYU DC 12V 24V 48V 2 Way Cooling PWM 4 Wire Fan Temperature Controller Temperature Speed Display

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1. DC8-60V operating voltage range (it means that the control panel can work in this voltage range; the controller power supply and fan are together in actual work; it must be powered up in accordance with fan power supply requirements, otherwise it will damage the fan).
2. Dual path independent temperature control; it take turns to display two channels’ temperature (-9.9℃to 70.1℃; error <1℃) and Fan Speed (resolution 10rpm; maximum display 999 x 10rpm; more than the speed displaying 999).
3. The low fan speed and temperature control zone are set by pressing buttons with flexible control and large setting range; program will be saved after the setting.
4. Switch stop-rotating alarm function can be set (external connecting AC buzzer keeps beeping; being shut off by default).

Performance parameters:
1. Operating voltage: DC8-60V (must be equal to fan voltage; if you use 12v fan, 24v power supply will make the fan burned)
2. Operating Current: control panel operating current 35mA (l2V) 22mA (24V)
3. Control Ability: not be limited by fan current, but fan connector pins on the board do not exceed 3A current; if using larger current fan, please connect fan power supply cable to the main power supply directly!
4. Control Output Range: 10% —l00%(this is the signal output range; the actual situation depends on fan performance) 
5. Temperature Probe Specifications: NTC 10K B =3950
6. Temperature Measurement: -9.9℃ to 99.9 ℃, error <2℃ (1% probe with 70℃) 3℃(>70℃)
7. Temperature Control Zone Range: accelerating speed temperature 5-94℃, full speed temperature 10-99℃
8. Speed Measurement: 10-9990 rpm, exceeding the speed displaying 999; resolution 10 rpm, display unit *10 rpm (speed measurement is based on common 2-pole signal fan design; most of the fans are 2-pole signal)
9. Stop-rotating Alarm Speed: less than 375rpm
10. Circuit dimensions: 65mm*65mm*15mm, location hole center distance 56mm*56mm, diameter 3.2mm

Wiring Connecting instructions:
Connect blue screw connector to the main power supply (power supply voltage is equal to using fan voltage within 8-60v range); please do not connect reversely; connect “channel 1” and “channel 2” two 4P socket to the fan and the sequence is power supply negative, positive, speed feedback, and PWM Control (For details, see wire connecting diagram below); connecting “thermal 1” and ”thermal 2” to NTC thermistor (parameter 10K B =3950) uses respectively two-channel fan temperature control measuring temperature; connect “beeping” connector to AC buzzer and when stop-rotating alarm is started, fan stop-rotating buzzer keeps beeping.
Wiring Connecting Note:
Single fan connector let-through current is 3A; if you need to control the higher current fan, please connect the fan power supply cable directly to the main power supply (controller controlling ability has nothing to do with fan current and please consider the power supply cable’s current let-through ability).
Display Description:
Control board display value by LED display; 4 indicating LED display on the right of the LED display meanings: line 1_two LEDs respectively stands for channel 1’s temperature and speed (x10rpm) and line 2_two LEDs respectively stands for channel 2’s temperature and speed (x10rpm). Under normal operating conditions, the four digit values will take turns to display; quickly switch digit values manually at any time by pressing the "+" "-" button; after the manual switch, it will stay under this digit value for a long time to return to taking-turns displaying. You can block out the channel 2’s display according to your need.
Setting Description:
1. Basic speed settings: basic speed setting for adjusting fan speed before temperature control is started, which is the fan speed when it is lower than the accelerating speed temperature. Setting method: press the "OK" button in any operating state and at the moment, channel 1_two LEDs light up at the same time horizontally with LED display showing current setting value (10-100); set the size by pressing the “+”&“-”
button and long-press the button to do continuous modification; press “OK” button after the previous setting; enter into channel 2’s basic speed setting; using the same method to do the setting and after the setting, press “OK” button to save it and exit.
2. Temperature control zone and stop-rotating alarm settings: under normal operating state, long-press “OK” button until the display is L**(**is digit value); release the button; channel 1_two LEDs lighting up at the same time horizontally stands for being in channel 1’s accelerating speed temperature setting status; set the digit value (range 5-94, unit: centigrade) by pressing the “+”&“-”button; after the setting press “OK” button to