60LED 5 IN 1 Solar Power PIR Motion Sensor Waterproof Light Outdoor Garden Lamp

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LED Quantity: 60
LED type: 2835
Material:Fireproof ABS+PC Material
Waterproof Grade: IP65
- Simple Installation: Light weight which makes it easy to mount on any wall, in or around the house. Mounting screws are provided with packaging.
- Designed with 120° wide angle sensor, the LED solar motion sensor light can cover a good amount of space with ungraded illumination. Intelligent three lights modes allow you to choose from.
- Higher Power Efficiency. Up to 17% photovoltaic conversion rate achieves efficient lighting. 
- Worry-excelent for harsh weather as it is designed with IP65 waterproof.
- Wider Lighting Area. Different from other small angle sensor, our 120° wide angle sensor can detect movements from 50 to 80 ㎡, covering a much wider lighting space. Perfect installation height is around 5 to 12 meters 
Mode 1: Motion sensor+low light(low light when no people around,and high light when people come)
Mode 2: Motion sensor(Power saving mode): no when no people around,and high light when people come
Mode 3: Always lighting: (auto light on when night comes and turn off after 5 hours)
Mode 4: Automatic: (lights are all on when power nattery >60%,and it will switch to mode 3 automatically when power battery <60%)
Mode 5: It will turn off automatically after one hour's high light,and the light will not be affected by illumination
Mode 6: Shutdown
Package Included
1×LED Solar Motion Sensor Light
1x remote
2×Pillar Hinge
1×User Manual