Honana BX-R972 Absorbs Bath Cozy Microfiber Women Skirt Bath Towel BathRobe with Bath Cap

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Description :
Honana BX-R970 Able Wear Spa Microfiber Soft BathRobe Women Skirt Bath Towel with Bath Cap
Features :

Feel fluffy soft ,thicken and smooth and flexible.
Shower cover ups allows you to use your hands while drying off and and getting ready.
Perfect for spas, using at the gym, shower houses, dorm bathrooms, changing rooms, after swimming and shower
The design of interval hole makes the shower wrap easy to wear.

Specification :

Material : Microfiber
Size :135*80 cm
Weight : 400g
Color :  Rose, Lake Blue, Pink, Royal,Light Green,Purple
Package Includes :
1 x Honana BX-R970  Microfiber Soft BathRobe 
1 x Honana BX-R970 Hair Dry Cap
Detail Picture :