Rear Back Main Camera Module Flex Cable Replacement With Repair Tools For iPhone 5s

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-100% new and high quality.
-Rear camera replacement module with tool.
-The general shape of repair the tool, easy to carry, allowing you
 to easily open the phone cover and do not damage the phone cover.
-Suitable for iphone 5s. 
-What situation need to replace the camera?
1. Camera black screen / not open
2. The camera uses discoloration
3. Photographic imaging with dark spots / black spots
4. Can not focus / macro
5. Camera parts lead to power consumption fast
6. The flash does not light
Product name: Rear camera replacement module
Color: Black
Size: Approx. 8x8x5mm/0.31"x0.31"x0.19"
Weight: 34g
Package Include:
1x Rear camera replacement module for iphone 5s 
2X plastic blue pry bar
1X Eject Pin
1X trilateral
1X "Guitar Pick" pry opening tools
1X sucker
(1X Straight Screwdriver )
(1X Pentalobe Screwdriver ?)
(1X 1.2mm Phillips / Cross screwdriver +)
(1X 1.5mm Phillips / Cross screwdriver +)
(1X T5 Screwdriver)
(1X T6 Screwdriver)

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