128x115cm Champagne Gold Sparkly Sequin Tablecloth Photo Backdrop Background Studio Prop

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Selection of highquality fabrics, full threedimensional pattern, texture, fine workmanship, sequined compelling.
Rich fabrics drape, elegant colors, beautiful colors, broad scope of application, gentle and charming, elegant and full fashion.
This beautiful Sequin Table Cloth mainly used for garment accessories, shoulder collar ingredients, shoes, stage.
This product base fabric is polyester mesh bottom embroidered sequin fabric, drape well, you can do the stage costumes,also you can decorative windows, wedding background, sign Taiwan and so on, is very popular in the market.
Size: 114 x 109cm
Sequin Size: 3mm
Color: Gold
Base fabric: Mesh
Soft index: Microbomb
Elastic index: No stretch
Because the line is embroidered sequins up, forced to touch or pull on the line once broken will lead sequins falling, while the transport process may also lead to sequins fall.
Package Included:
1 x Sequin Table Cloth