50Ft Split Wire Loom Conduit Sleeve Tube Polyethylene Black Heat Resistant

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Material:High Quality Polyethylene
Operating range of -40Ëš to 200ËšF (-40ËšC to 93ËšC)
Available sizes:19mm*23mm,13.5mm*17mm,10mm*13mm,6.5mm*10mm
Lengths: 15.24M/50Ft
Color: Black
1. Sturdy Polyethylene Split Loom Conduit Tubing has become one of the most popular conduits
    for holding groups of wires in position and protecting them from abrasions, weathering, chemical
    spills and wear and tear.
2. Helps keep your wires clean and organized.
3. The split that runs along the entire length of the loom makes wire insertion easy and once the wires
    are in place, the split remains closed - even when the Conduit Tubing is bent or twisted.
4. Ideal for a wide range of applications: automotive, marine, industrial, office, home.
5. Flexible Ribbed Tube Design allows for a clean and easy install.
6. Resistant to abrasions, gasoline, oil, and other harmful chemicals.
Package includes:
1 x Loom Conduit Sleeve Tube