500Pcs Alloy Steel Laptop Notebook Computer Screw Kit For IBM HP Lenovo Samsung

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Color: Black/Silver
Material: Alloy Steel
Production Process: Oxidative Blackening
Box Size(L*W*H):12.7 x 6.5 x 2 cm

1.Perfect for repair laptop.
2.Compatible with All universal laptop. Such as IBM, HP, Lenovo, SAMSUNG,
   S ony, T oshiba, G ateway, L G and so on.

Because the quantity is determined by a precision instrument weighing,please allow
about 2% of the number error,please understand,thank you!

Package Include:

M2*3 50 Pcs
M2*4 50 Pcs
M2*5 50 Pcs
M2*6 50 Pcs
M2.5*3.5 50 Pcs
M2.5*4 50 Pcs
M2.5*5 50 Pcs
M2.5*6 50 Pcs
M2.5*8 50 Pcs
M3*3 50 Pcs