Handle Seam Ripper Quick Stitch Unpicker Sharp Thread Cutter Sewing Tool 2 x 8cm

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•   Type: Seam Rippers
•   Blade Material: Stainless Steel
•   Suitable For: Left-handed, Right-handed
•   Colour: Cream
•   Length: 8cm
•   2 Seam or Stitch rippers.
•   Convenient to store, easy to use, very very useful when sewing
•   A tiny shape seam ripper with plastic handle,
•   Easy to handle and operate, use for cutting threads, buttonholes, etc,
•   Perfect for ripping out seams and stitches without damaging the fabric,
•   A mini red round ball at the end of the smaller fork for protecting your fabric,
•   And with a clear cap can keep the seam ripper or be used as an extension handle.
•   These little tools are about 8cm when closed, with a metal part of about 3cm.
Packing included:
•   2 x Seam Ripper