Copper Pipe Tube Expander Aiir Conditioner Install Repair Hand Expanding Tool

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Name: Tube Expander
Blade material: Alloy steel
Expanding size: 1/4"-7/8"(6-22mm)
Can expand small tube:6mm / 15/64" , 8mm / 5/16''

-Made of alloy steel, reliable & durable.
-Fast and convenient to operate with perfect finish.
-Alloy Steel body structure with ergonomic handle, will not shake.
-Insert into pipe end making a rotary movement to make a round expand.

Application:Suitable for expanding copper & aluminum tube.

Hand Tool Refrigeration Soft Copper Pipe Manual Tube Expanders operating steps:
1. Internal start expanded tube on Copper Tube
2. expanded tube use a circular motion when the effect more round
3. expanded tube completed copper tube docking could be welded

Package Included:
1x Tube Expander

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