Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Mask Helmet Eyes Goggle Two-way Glasses

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Automatic light protection glasses, using automatic light film, lightweight and convenient.
Solar lithium battery, no need to replace the battery, automatic standby, without loss of power.
Anti-glare, anti-spatter, the scope of application: electrical welding, cutting category.
Mask Material: PA/PP plastic
Active Viewing Area: 90 x 30mm
Light Shade: DIN4
Dark Shade: DIN11
Switching Time: 1/10000s
Delay Time: 0.2s
Operating Temperature: -10℃~65℃
Sensors To Weld Arc: 2
Size: 150 x 64 x 12mm
Protect Grade Against: DIN15


Before welding: wear welding glasses after welding workers have a clear vision, both hands are liberated, you can accurately locate the welding point.
When welding: automatic variable light screen in 0.2 milliseconds will become dark to protect the role of the eye, in a variety of lighting conditions, the filter can quickly and reliably filter a variety of welding arc.
After welding: After the welding is completed, the automatic lens will return to the bright state, the welding can immediately check the welding battery, and can prepare for the next welding.
Package Included:
1 x Welding Helmet
1 x Elastic Band
2 x Glasses Frame

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