Combination Password Lock Travel Luggage Padlock Suitcase Gym Locker

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This combination password lock is self programmable combination number to keep belongings safe and secure.

Color : Black
Size: About 62 x 21 x 9mm (height x width x depth)
Quantity : 1x ,3x (choose the quantity you want)
Combination padlock instructions:
Default code to release the lock is set to 0-0-0.
To set your personal combination code:
1. Set wheels to 0-0-0 and pull out the shackle of the lock. Keep the shackle still until step 2 is completed.
2. Now turn the combination wheels to the your desired personal code. Please note that there is a rotary resistance, the wheels may seem a little stiff to turn during this step.
3. Push back the shackle. Your personal combination code has now been set. Remember to memorise your new code.
4. Now scramble the wheels to lock the padlock. To release lock simply turn the wheels to your code.
Package 1 Included:
1 x Combination Password Lock 
Package 2 Included:
3 x Combination Password Lock 
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