12V 10 Way 4pin Fan Hub Speed Controller Regulator For Computer Case With PWM Connection Cable CPU Fan Dedicated Interface PWM Wire Interface IDE Power Supply Socket Fixed Screw Hole

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Suitable for 12V 4pin fans.

Power supply IDE interface input.

Support 10-way 4pin fans start at the same time, solve motherboard interface shortage and deal with the back EVA double-sided adhesive, you can fix the hub on the chassis.

Support pwm function, fan automatic speed control.

The PWM interface is connected to the motherboard CPU fan interface via the PWM connection cable, the red interface is the CPU fan specific interface, and the black interface is the PWM regular fan interface.

EVA double-sided adhesive in the back side, you can fix the hub in the computer case.

Size: 74 x 48mm

Conditions To Achieve Temperature Control:
1. The fan is a 4-pin PWM fan, which is very important. Some motherboard 4-pin interfaces are not a real PWM fan jack, they are adjusted by the voltage. Such motherboards can not make PWM control fans.
2. Connect the motherboard 4-pin fan interface, BIOS starts the PWM function.

Package included:

1 x 12V 10 way 4pin fan hub
1 x PWM connection cable
1 x Manual