450W PC Power Supply for HP Bestec ATX-250-12E ATX-300-12E PSU Sata

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Power standard: ATX 12V
For CPU range: AMD, Intel
PFC type: Passive PFC
Rated power: 450W
Authentication: CB, CCC, FCC, class, B, CE, ROHS
Product weight: 1228g
Support system: VISTA, Win7 operating system
Support power supply: 20P and 24P motherboard
Power output design: Multiplex +12V
IDE interface: 3
SATA interface: 3
CPU interface: 8 pins*1
Video card interface: 6P*1

-High efficiency energy-saving silent fan.
-Adopt 12cm hydraulic bearing fan, mute and durable, large air flow.
-Maximum power of 450 watts, suitable for high-end computer configuration.
-Innovative pest control technology design, effective prevention of small strong, equivalent to Party violations.
-Conforms to the Intel ATX12V specification design, supports Intel, AMD complete series of dual core platform.

-Intelligent temperature control circuit design, automatically adjust the fan speed, and extend the service life.
-Horn high capacity, large capacity, support wide use, in the unstable voltage environment can still be used normally.
-Multi function protection circuit design, with overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, undervoltage, short-circuit, lightning protection functions.
-Built in PFC, double magnetic ring magnetic amplifier circuit, high frequency low resistance filter capacitor, to ensure that the current is pure and stable output.

Package Included:
1 x Power Supply
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