12V 24V 200AH 220W Car Motorcycle Battery Charger Pulse For Lead Acid Lithium Battery

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The difference between manual and automatic mode:
1. Manual: It can be used for small capacity, Low temperature(under 0 ° C) and
large Internal resistancethe battery, charging current is bigger than automatic
so it take less time than automatic, but there must has human monitoring to
avoid damage battery, when the battery shell has temperature must stop
charging!using manual mode can’t more than 1 hour!
2. Automatic:pulg AC power first then connect battery with charger, it will recognize volgate automatic,telligent and convenient.
Highly recommended: in the winter(under 0 ° C), use automatic mode to charge full first then use manual mode for 0.5-1 hours.
3. LED screen: it shows both charging voltage and current,
4. Identify 12V/24V intelligent,the charging light will bright when charging,when charging full the light will off
5. Red is anode,black is cathode
Input Voltage: AC150-250V
Output voltage: 12V/24V automatic
Suitable capacity: 6AH-200AH
Full load conversion efficiency: 93%
Power: 220W
Frequency: 50-60HZ
Length of power cord wire:125cm
Plug: US Plug
Type: Charger
Automatic, LED Light, Plug in, Portable, Reverse Polarity Protection, Safety Switch, Trickle
Charging Stage:
1. Constant current: means the battery voltage is lower than the set voltage of charger,
then the charger supply constant charging current to maintenance both battery and battery charger;
2. Constant Voltage: advanced pulse width modulation (PWM) technology,
control the charger’s current and output voltage accurate,avoid overcharge;
3. Trickle charge mode: when the battery voltage and current is approaching
the set voltage and current,it will turn to trickle floating charge from automatic mode,
it means charge full,also can be charged with floating mode.
Package Included:
1 X Charger
1 X User Manual
2 X Replace Clips