Akasa AK-MX003 20 Rubber Case Fans Mount Sliconized Rubber Pins For Mounting Case Fans Tool

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1. Brand: Akasa
2. Model: AK-MX003
3. Rubber pins: 20 pieces (for five fans)
4. Compatiblity: All popular case fans
5. Material: Siliconized rubber
6. Length: 73.8mm
7. Colour: Black
1. The rubber mounts isolate the case fan from the PC chassis thereby stopping vibration and resonance transmission.
2. Structure produce 
noise is prevented by the rubber cushions helping to provide a quiet PC system.
3. Eliminating vibration additionally helps to reduce the stress on system components.
    Universal siliconized rubber pins enable quick and tool excelent mounting of all popular size case fans.
5. Anti-vibration siliconized rubber pins.
6. Quick and tool excelent case fans mounting.
7. 20 pcs for easy installation of five fans.
Package included:
1 * 20 Rubber mounts for case fan