Flip Up Helmet Shield Lens Visor 3 Snap For Motorcycle Half Helmet Clear Silver

Regular price R 499.56

1.Universal 3-snap flip up design
2.Anti-UV, anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment
3.Comes with an adjustable flip up base attachment

4.Buttons on both sides are adjustable to fit your helmet
5.PC reinforced lenses, high-definition, strong and durable
6.Protects your eyes from sunlight, wind, rain and insects while driving
Material: Strengthened Polycarbonate
External Testing Certification: CE

Model Name: 3-snap Helmet Visor
Color: Transparent/Light Brown/Silver/Deep Brown
Size: 23(L)*18(W)cm
UV: UV 400
For helmet with 3-snap
Package Included:
1 X 3-snap Helmet Visor (No Helmet )