LianSan®Folding Portable Anti-fatigue Presbyopic Glass Comfortable Resin Alloy Reading Glasses L3012

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1. Alloy material frame: alloy material frame without plating process the human body without any harm can be assured to wear.
2. Ultra-clear anti-fatigue lenses: super toughness, ultra-light, high penetration rate.
3. Alloy full frame folding design: carefully designed, translucent color, the use of IP vacuum plating process bright colors, material stability, can be assured to wear, easy to carry, folded into the pocket product parameters.
4. High temperature durable: can withstand a variety of weather effects, and not color does not fade, long life.
5. High hardness and scratch resistance: has a more scratch-resistant properties than other lenses.
Item Type: Folding Reading Glasses
Product Code: L3012
Material: Alloy Frame & Resin Lens
Product Weight: 16g
Gross Weight: 141g
Color: Gold, Silver

Package Included:
1 X Reading Glasses
1 X Glasses Case
1 X Glasses Cloth
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