25/50/75/100W R63 Black Moonlight UVA Emitter Heater Pet Animal Reptile Brooder Heat Night Lamp

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Suitable for reptiles, birds, amphibians and small animals
Provides light and heat and increases ambient air temperature as required by cold-blooded animals
Black Moonlight
This bulb simulates a natural moonlight environment for the animals' breeding behaviour, as well as providing the right night temperature for your animals.
·Creates warmth simulating retained daytime heat
·Does not disrupt normal activity cycle
·Ideal for nocturnal viewing
Power (W): 25W 50W 75W 100W
Color: black moonlight
Voltage: 220-240VAC 50/60Hz 
Diameter: 63mm
Bulb type: R63
Package Included:
1x R63Emitter Heater Pet Animal Reptile Brooder