Suleve™ M3AH5 10Pcs M3×6mm Hex Socket Screws Round Head Cap Screws 7075 Aluminum Alloy

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Brand Suleve
Model M3AH5
Material 7075 Aluminum alloy
Color Dark Orange,Black, Blue,Red,
Pink,Gold,Purple,Light Blue,Green
Tensile strength 524Mpa
0.2% Yield strength 455 MPa
Elastic modulus E 71 GPa
Hardness 150HB
Density 2.81g/cm^3
Size as the picture shown
Thread Diameter 3mm (M3)
Thread Length 6mm

- Made of 7075 Aluminum alloy material,High-strength heat-treatable alloy.
- Easy to process, good wear resistance,Good mechanical properties.
- Corrosion resistance, good oxidation resistance.

Package Included:
10 x Aluminum Alloy M3 Hex Socket Screws