3x6m 40% Green Debris Scaffold Windbreak Shade Garden Allotment Netting Fence

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The mesh is smooth and smooth, with a bright finish.
Soft and moderate, flexible, not rough, there is a flat layer of thick texture.
Edge reinforcement, not easy to loose side, strong solid, durable.
Anti-aging, Rally strong, accurate area, no holes in the network.
To prevent strong sunlight direct exposure to plants,
so that the sun weakened to the normal plant photosynthetic light intensity.
Applicable to roofing, balconies, windows, carport and other shade cooling,
greenhouse vegetables, flowers, fruit seedlings, edible fungus cultivation and a variety of farms warm and warm.
Shade net shading, cooling, anti-rain, wind and reduce the spread of pests and other functions,
winter and spring cover there is a certain role in thermal insulation.
Product Name: Sunscreen Shade Net
Color: Black
Size: Approx. 3*6m/118"x236"
Permeability: 40%
Weight: 762g
Package Included:
1 X 3*6m Sunscreen Shade Net