Suleveâ„¢ MXSN2 255pcs Stainless Steel Nylon Lock Nuts Full Nuts Washers Kit M4 M5 M6

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Model MXSN1
Item Nylon Lock Nuts, Full Nuts, Form A Washers
Material Stainless Steel
Box Sizes 13.2*6.8*2.3cm

1. Made of stainless steel&nylon, solid and never rust.
2. Different sizes, require all you need.
3. Easy to install and durable to use.
4. Suitable for electronic, electrical appliances, chemical, furniture and machinery equipment and so on.

Package includes
Item Diameter Quantity
Form A Washers
4mm 30pcs
Form A Washers 5mm 35pcs
Form A Washers 6mm 20pcs
Nylon Lock Nuts 4mm 30pcs
Nylon Lock Nuts 5mm 35pcs
Nylon Lock Nuts 6mm 20pcs
Full Nuts 4mm 30pcs
Full Nuts 5mm 35pcs
Full Nuts 6mm 20pcs
                                            Total Quantity: 255pcs