40W Full Spectrum UFO 50 LED Plant Light Indoor Hydroponics Grow Lamp for Vegetable Flower AC85-265V

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Wattage: 50W
Voltage: AC85-265V
Luminous flux: 3600lm
LED quantity: 50pcs (red * 37, 7 * blue, 1 * IR, 1 * UV, 2 * white, 2 * warm white)
Wavelength: red: 630nm, 640nm, 660nm; blue: 430nm, 450nm, 460nm; IR: 730nm; UV: 410nm; White: 6500K; Warm white: 2800K
Irradiation area: 7.6㎡(2.0m); 5.0㎡(1.5m); 3.0㎡(1.0m); 1.5㎡(0.5m); 0.5㎡(0.2m)
Illuminance: 783Lux(2.0m); 1370Lux(1.5m); 2990Lux(1.0m); 11230Lux(0.5m); 39300Lux(0.2m)
Recommended lighting time: 18/6 or 20/4 (Veg); 12/12 (Flowerer)
Material: aluminum alloy
Shell color: white
Plug: US, EU
Size: 6.0 * 17.50cm  (H * D)
Light source: 50 pieces of 3W LEDs, high lumens of 15,000LM, high power Par Value ensured, it is environmentally friendly.
Blue light: contributing to plant photosynthesis, promoting growth, protein synthesis and fruit development.
Red light: promoting rhizome growth, blossoming and bearing fruit, extending flowering phase and increasing output.
Full spectrum: wavelength of 410nm-730nm, white and warm white, providing natural light for various plants in different growth period.
Great heat dissipation: built in a cooling fan ensures great heat dissipation and long lifespan of 50,000 hours.
Application scenes: it can be used in a wide range of places such as greenhouse, balcony, plant factory, farm, potted plants.
Package inlcuded:
1 * LED plant grow light
1 * installation kit
1 * user manual