Hollywood Style 14Bulbs White LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit + EU Power Supply Adapter+Dimmer

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5m in full length makes it fit most mirrors. Excess wires can be hidden under the bulbs to keep your mirror neat after installation.
Easy Installation - Securely attach onto the mirror with the supplied sticky tape and in a few minutes plug and switch on.
3.Adjust Brightness- A touch dimmer with memory function is also supplied, turn lights on or off and adjust the brightness to your desired level.
Shell cooling effect is good, high temperature,and have a good anti-seismic effect.
Low energy consumption, small heat.
Soft light, high luminous efficiency, no flicker, no spots, effective protection of the eyes.
No heat radiation, no harmful metal mercury, environmental protection.
Light Color:White
Color temperature:6500K
Light distance:30.5cm
Blub height:40mm
Blub diameter:48mm
Total length:approx 5.05m
Number of bulbs:14pcs
Power supply adapter: EU type
Package Included:
14 LED Bulbs Kit
1x Touch Memory Dimmer
1x English Instructions
1x Power Supply Adapter (EUR)
14x Sticky Tape