1.5 OZ White Fiberglass Cloth Glass Fiber Mesh Plain Weave Reinforcement

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Material: Fiberglass
Color: White
Quantity: 1 piece
Thickness: about 0.05mm
Density: 1.5oz, about 42g/㎡
Size: about 270cm X 127cm
1.Offers the widest range and the best control over thickness, weight and strength of all forms of fiberglass textiles.
2.Compared with steel wire of the same diameter, fiberglass cloth has greater specific tensile strength.
3.High Heat Resistance, Fire Resistance, Good Chemical Resistance, Thermal Conductivity and Electrical Properties.
4.Excellent Stability, wide applied in various types of conditions, for example Fiberglass Cloth Insulation, Marine and Recreational, Advanced Composites, Electronics, Filtration, Commercial and Construction, Protection, etc.
Package Included: 
1x Fiberglass Cloth