DIY Path Paving Maker Peace Dove Mold Imitation Cement Brick Carving Pavement Tool 30CM

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Name: DIY Path Paving Maker Peace Dove Mold Imitation Brick Carving Pavement Tool 
Model: A24661
Material: Plastic 
Color: White
Size: 30*30*6cm
Pattern: Peace Dove 
Shape: Square
- Design for the garden-lovers, who want to create their own decoration to make their gardens or parks more beautiful.
- Great and perfect for creating pavement, walkways, paths, patios, picnic areas and other outdoor improvement.
Steps for Reference:
1. Mixing cement with sand and water
2. Filling the mold with finished wet concrete
3. Smoothing the surface, make sure to look it better
4. Taking the mold way and you're done
* Innovative structure, to give the pavement in your yards some artistic senses.
* Easy to use, no special skills required. Even the inexperienced person can create a beautiful pathway.
* This mold can be reused, running a continuous path in any direction to build a new concrete path.
* Enjoy your personal thoughts and  DIY with the stone mold TO make a beautiful path in your garden.
Package includes:
1 x Peace Dove Mold
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