Machifit QR50H DC 12V 4M Water Pump 10W 400L/H Flow Rate Brushless Motor Submersible Pump

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Machifit QR50H DC 12V 4M 10W 400L/H flow rate mini ultra-quiet brushless motor, submersible water pump .
Model QR50H
Color Black
Pump material PC + ABS
Rated Voltage DC 12V 
Max. Power 10W
Max. Current 830mA
Max. Flow Quantity 400L/H
Max. Lift 400cm / 13.12ft
Noise Less than 37dB
Lack of Water Protection Yes
Outer Dia. of Inlet/Outlet 8.5mm / 0.33in
Inner Dia. of Inlet/Outlet 6mm / 0.24in
Waterproof Class IP68
Max. Liquid Temperature 60°C
Cable Length 150cm / 59in
Product Size 59.5 x 49 x 42mm / 2.34 x 1.9 x 1.65in 

1.Brushless pump, permanent magnetic rotor, maintenance-free.
2.Enameled wire coil and circuit board are sealed by epoxy resin.
3.The coil adopts pure copper enameled wire, lower temperature rise and longer life span.
4.Amphibious pump, you can use it in the water or out of water(follow the installation instruction).
5.Female DC12V for power input.
6.Flow Adjustment with LED indicators, and memory function when power off.
7.Lack of water protection.
8.IP68 waterproof grade, totally submersible in the water.
9.Detachable design, providing convenience for cleaning work((Disassemble it with screwdriver easily, screwdriver not included).
10.With a filter, avoiding blocking the inlet.
11.4 rubber suckers on the bottom, can adsorb on the smooth surface and reduce noise and vibration.
12.Small size, high efficiency, low noise.
13.Suitable for aquarium, fountain, car cooling, computer water cooling system and circulation systems.

1. Please check the voltage and power of the pump power before power on. 
2. Please cut off the power before you install/put in/take away the pump from the water; otherwise, the pump can't outlet water due to the air in it.
3. It can be used in the water or other liquids(without particles and impurities); NOT for viscous and acid-base liquids.
4. DO NOT dry burn the pump, otherwise it would be damaged;
5. Switch on-off the power repeatedly for several times to eliminate the air in the pump impeller and the pipe.

Package Included:
1 x DC12V Brushless Pump
1 x Filter
1 x User Manual(English)
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