CHIHAI CHF-GM1024-N20VA DC12V 105rpm 1:200 Ratio DC Motor Permanent Magnet Reduction Gear Motor

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CHIHAI CHF-GM1024-N20VA DC12V 105rpm 1:200 Ratio DC motor, permanent magnet reduction gear motor.
Type CHF-GM1024-N20VA 35 Type 
Shaft diameter 3mm, D type 
Shaft length 10mm
Voltage  3-12V
Working voltage DC 12V
Power max 1.4W
Reduction ratio 1:200
No-load current ≤55A
No load speed  105RPM
Rated torque 
Rated speed   72RPM
Rated current  ≤0.20A
Locked-rotor torque 
Locked-rotor torque max (0.3N.m)
Locked-rotor current ≤0.45A
Application Office equipment, robot, camera rocker arm, home appliances.

1. High speed accuracy.
2. High strength and long life.
3. Convenient speed, low energy consumption, low noise.
4. Continuous operation, forward and reverse operation, stable operation, stable performance and low noise.
5. Compact structure and small size.
6. D type shaft : D type outlet shaft is more convenient for installation and is not easy to slip, saving installation time.
7. Adopt high-quality environmental-friendly copper stamping and shaping for many times, with beautiful appearance, light weight and never rusting.
Package Included:
1 X  Reduction gear motor
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