5/15/25m Length x 6mm Dia. Fiberglass Wire Cable Puller Tube Piercing Device Fiberglass Cable Puller

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5/15/25M Length x 6mm Dia. Fiberglass Wire Cable Puller Tube Piercing Device
Material: glass fibre
Length: 5M /15M/25M
Diameter: 6mm
Traction Breaking Tension: 8T
Minimum Bending Radius: 8mm
Temperature Range: 8℃
Wire density: 8(g/m)
Applicable to:
- Perfect for using in telecom, electrical, wall and floor conduit, walker duct and utility installation
- Ideal tool for pulling guide rope in the pipeline
- Fiberglass wire cable is mainly used in the early part of the wall under the traction, and later developed into a sewer cable line and so on the line of traction.
- Using high quality glass fibre, this fiberglass wire cable is strong and durable. With good compression resistance and capacity, the appropriate structure of welding, this wire cable can maintain its deformation under strong pressure.
- It has the advantages of time saving, labor saving, improved work efficiency, etc. What's more, it can be used for the cleaning and the optical cable, the cable and the plastic tube of the telecommunication pipeline.
- Non-conductive,rust and corrosion resistance,superior pulling strength,sturdy and durable, with good compression resistance capacity
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1 x Fiberglass Wire Cable
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