9W UV Sterilizer with Submersible Pump Filter Aquarium Fish Tank 1000L/2000L/2500L

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Features :

- This equipment built-in filter sponge, biochemical basket, UV-C lamp and water pumps. This equipment adopt reasonable water channel, suitable for both indoor, outside pond garden, aquatic breeding, clean water sterilization and water fountains.
- Through the working of water pump, water flow from the filter cover to filter sponge, and then to the UV-C lamp. Inside of the UV-C lamp the harmful bacteria and algae will be killed. Then the water flow to outside finally.
- The UV-C lamp was designed as a closed device, no UV-C will scattering and UV-C light 253.7nm will kill the harmful bacteria and algae to keep a good condition of water.
- Multi-function: filtration, sterilization, pumping, fountain.
- Two boxes of filter stones, a box of biochemical filter materials to culture nitrifying bacteria, thick cotton filter and UV-C lamp.
- The UV fountain pump can switch water or fountain at will, to meet your needs: install the water outlet, connect the hose to pump water; install the fountain rod, can be used as a fountain, and the three nozzles can be replaced at will.
- 9W UV-C lamp, efficient sterilization, greatly reduce the risk of illness for fish.
- Handy handle design.
- Good quality ceramic shaft core, wear resistant.
- UV-C lamp observation port: it can be observed whether the UV-C lamp is on.
- Flow adjustment switch: the flow rate of pumping and fountain can be adjusted separately.
- Large filter area: dust particles can pass through 6-7mm in diameter.
- There are safety buckles on both sides of the filter, which makes it easier to open and close the cover.

Specification :
1.Model: CUF-2500 / CUF-5000 / CUF-6000
2.Rated voltage: 220-240V 50Hz
3.Total power: 28W / 42W / 54W
4.Power of UV-C lamp : 9W
5.Maximum flow: 1000L / 2000L / 2500L
6.Maximum lift: 1.6m / 2m / 2.5m
7.Length of power cord: 10m
8.Size: 251*316*135mm
Working principle
Firstly, the filter cotton effectively blocks large particles from entering the water pump, and then the water is purified by the filter stone. The biochemical filter material is used to culture the nitrifying bacteria, and then the germicidal lamp is used to effectively kill the floating algae, bacteria, viruses and fungi in the water to purify the water. And finally drain the water through the pump.
Tool-excelent disassembly, replacement or cleaning of the magnetic rotor
1. Remove the bent pipe in the direction of the arrow to separate the water pump from the ultraviolet germicidal lamp;
2. Rotate in the direction of the arrow and remove the impeller chamber;
3. Clean or replace the porcelain rotor.
Replace the UV-C lamp
1. Rotate in the direction of the arrow and remove the lock nut to separate the pump from the UV-C lamp;
2. Open the "LOCK" switch;
3. Rotate in the direction of the arrow and remove the UV-C lamp housing;
4. Pull out and replace the UV-C lamp.

Package includeds :

1 x UV-C Fountain Pump (CUF-2500 / CUF-5000 / CUF-6000 for Optional)
3 x Fountain Head
1 x Retractable fountain rod
1 x Three-way regulating valve
1 x Outlet
1 x Curved joint

Details pictures :