Brass Misting Nozzle 1010/1510/2010/3010/4010/5010 3/16 Inch Thread

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Brass misting nozzles 1010/1510/2010/3010/4010/5010 3/16'' thread.
Type: 1010(10)/1510(15)/2010(20)/3010(30)/4010(40)/5010(50)
Material: Brass
Thread size: 3/16"
Each nozzle only consumes 0.5 gallon water per hour.
Features a sturdy brass body and stainless steel orifice.
Soaking the misting nozzle in cleaner periodically to remove mineral deposits, thus can prolong its lifetime.
Widely used in textile shop humidification, landscaping, cooling, air humidification, spraying disinfection, quarantine, deodorant air purification, etc.
Package Included:
1 x Brass Misting Nozzles
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