5/20/35/45/80W 220V Ultra Quiet Submersible Aquarium Water Pump Fish Tank Fountain Pond Filter

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5/20/35/45/80W Ultra quiet submersible aquarium water pump, fish tank fountain pond filter 220V.
Model 5W 14W 20W 35W 45W 80W
Size(LxWxH) 70X51X85mm 83X59X76mm 90X65X115mm 10X70X140mm 112X75X155mm 140X93X177mm
Rated power supply 220-240V/50H 220-240V/50H 220-240V/50Hz 220-240V/50Hz 220-240V/50Hz 220-240V/50Hz
Rated power 5W 14W 20W 35W 45W 80W
Maximum lift 0.9m 1.4m 1.7m 2.4m 2.8m 3.6m
Maximum flow 500L/H 1000L/H 1500L/H 2500L/H 3000L/H 3500L/H
Protection level IPX8 IPX8 IPX8 IPX8 IPX8 IPX8

1. This product is widely used in aquarium fish tanks, garden fountains, flowing water crafts, water-cooled air-conditioning
    fans, mechanical equipment cooling and other fields.
2. Silent design, high lift, large flow.
3. The shell is made of acid-resistant and salt-resistant materials for all external contact parts, suitable for use in salt, acid-alkaline environments.
4. With regulator, the flow can be adjusted.
5. Built-in filter cotton can effectively filter impurities.
Package Included:
1 x Water pump 
(Water outlet: 5W, 14W, 20W with 1 outlet ; 35W, 45W, 80W with 3 outlet )
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