BEST 1PCS High Quality Tin Line 100g Senior solder wire Tin Lead Line Rosin Core Flux Solder Solder

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Features :

1. The soldering wire adopts 60% tin 40% lead,  0.3-1.2 mm is  available; good wetting, good solderability
2. Little impurity, diffusion capacity well
3. Friendly products, do not pollute the environment.
4. Smoke is small, less spatter
5. Use for the printed intensive circuit board
Soldering in TV set, radio or normal home appliances
Repair of normal home appliances and audio facilities
Soldering in radio transponder, instrument and calculator and so on
Specification :
Brand Name: BEST 
Application: Computer Tool Kit
Package: Box
DIY Supplies: Electrical
Size: 18*16*5
Model Number: 0.3-0.9mm
Type: Hand Tools
Weight: 100g
Package Includes :
1 x BEST 
soldering wire 
Details Pictures :